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It is known that the increasing number of passenger vehicles and all commercial vehicles use a turbocharger (some use twin turbos). The trend is continuing, and very soon, all diesel engines and high percentage of petrol engines as well as all engines that will be part of hybrid technologies will use turbochargers. Turbocharger workshop is the most attractive investment subject because of the lack of the world-wide network of shops (Turbo Kliniks) comparing to Diesel workshops specialized for control and repair of Bosch, Delphi and Stanadyne injection components on diesel engines. Regarding the tolerances and needs of gas emission regulations, it is very important to develop the turbo reconditioning technology and workshops.

It is very convenient for engine overhaul workshops to improve their activity introducing turbocharger reconditioning in their business. From the technical point of view, turbocharger reconditioning technology is similar to engine overhaul as well as diesel injection reconditioning with only several operations such as shaft-and-wheel balancing, compressor wheel balancing, core assembly balancing and oil leakage control which are strictly specific to turbo reconditioning technology for all types of turbochargers including VNTs and VGTs.

In the passenger vehicle market there is a few types of turbochargers that will be subject of reconditiong in the next 10 years. About 60% of these are made by company GARRETT, about 25% by company KKK and the remainder of the market belongs to japanese companies TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI and IHI. Two brands are present in the commercial vehicle market: HOLSET and
In the last several years, percentage of turbochargers with variable geometry is increasing. Our technology makes it possible to repair all kinds of turbochargers mentioned above.
Repair shops that employ this technology have better reputation in their region and attract more customers.

Our turbo reconditioning technology consists of machines and tools, training and assistance in spare parts acquisition.